It’s rare you meet teenagers interested in something other than social networks and video games. But, from time to time, you meet individuals like Cam.

Cam is 17, with a ferocious passion for aerial photography, film, and gymnastics. When he’s not representing the island in gymnastics, he’s embarking on self-driven photography projects. Cam began a passionate relationship with photography at a young age when he set out with the goal to capture what no one else would.

Cam began interning at the Studio throughout his college summer holidays with a fresh energy and passion towards storytelling. Rather than corresponding to a particular style, his work is characterised by a commitment to his personal outlook and view. His craft is not necessarily revealed in individual images, but rather throughout the entirety of his juxtaposition of themes.

Here at the Studio, we help to teach young creatives like Cam how to find a story or theme that inspires them enough to commit and drives them to move past their frustrations and through the obstacles. We encourage talented, hard working creatives to push towards a photographic place of competence and excitement.

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