Henry Morris


Henry’s curiosity and appreciation of fringe culture, combined with his wide-range of hobbies and interests have helped forge his unique style behind the lens. 


A keen sportsman and music lover living in London, his work draws from a diverse selection of social and cultural spheres, including street sports, dance, live music and fashion. Whether shooting in the studio, a skate park, or on stage with a music artist, Henry always wants to tell a story through pictures by celebrating and capturing the essence of the environment around him.


Henry is used to working at high shutter speeds and has the technical skills and experience needed to capture power, motion, emotion and energy. His experience profiling some of London’s premier musicians from many different genres, including rock, electronic, R'n'B and jazz, has helped him develop his own distinct, commercial style. 


His creative mind never sleeps, and he is constantly looking for new ways to shoot, learning interesting approaches and searching for fresh perspectives as he strives to become a better photographer every single day.