Ollie Jones


Passion, dedication and aesthetics have been the focal point throughout Ollie’s personal and professional life. Growing up as a competitive gymnast saw him travel across the world and gave him an opportunity to capture some of the most beautiful and honest imagery, whilst documenting his raw and far-flung adventures. 


However, Ollie found that having his own children was what inspired him to dive into the world of photography and also symbolise the birth of a new career path. His passion for storytelling, creative eye and ability to inspire and create intimate in the moment images has become his trademark. 

Having started as a family portrait photographer, his travels have evolved his interest into fashion and lifestyle portraiture. Ollie is constantly pushing himself to capture new and exciting content both on island and abroad.


Recent Projects

Families of the Sambhar Salt Lake

GoodWeave International

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Ollies Folio 


I love visiting and meeting new people from around the world. I find my camera can act as a catalyst for conversation a lot of the time, and because of this I often spend hours and in some cases days with an individual or location because there’s so much to delve into. Whilst on assignment for a health retreat in Bali, I embarked on my first self-assigned portrait project with the end result being, The Faces of Bali. It's something that I don't usually do whilst away, I've always been more into street photography and taking a step back to observe from afar. However the people of Bali are some of the friendliest in the world, so what used to seem like a daunting task of asking strangers for their photographs, felt more natural than ever. I got talking to everyone from the fisherman of Uluwatu to the kids selling flowers in the Markets of Ubud.

What I learnt from capturing these expressions was how simple their way of life is, and as a result of that, they are all incredibly happy. Looking back on the project I'd like to have spent some more time with each individual, just to build up more of a rapport and gain a deeper understanding of their character and some more of the ingredients of their content outlook on life.