Tamsin Raine


Great content, needs great distribution and Tamsin's expertise in the field of brand strategy and advertising lends itself as a perfect symbiotic relationship with Studio_M. 

Working hard to utilise her 7 years of experience working in the UK with market-leading brands, Tamsin's expertise as a content strategist helps us use the content that the team captures to execute compelling stories that capture the essence of your brand. 

With years of experience with brands such as Mentos, Smint, Sweet Freedom, Condor Ferries and Kandoo her extensive knowledge helps to drive reach, engagement and revenue through building and maintaining excellent communication strategies and campaigns.  

Tamsin's always had a passion for increasing the value of brands and services by carefully curating images that sell a story, and she's been lucky enough to work with a wide range of different brands, global and local, from FMCG to finance, hospitality and travel. 

Tamsin Raine 2.jpg