Will Jack Robinson


Falling in love with filmmaking through documentaries, Will was hooked from the very first time he created a film. Over time, he has gradually moved to the more commercial side of filmmaking, fascinated by the way he is able to portray a story through film. 

Will’s distinctive style features a contemporary cinematic approach to his storytelling, specialising in motion graphics for a range of clients and briefs, covering everything from social content and commercial advertising to grand films. His approachable, charismatic personality, combined with his study of animation at university, add an original flare to the films he creates, whether it be a commercial film, wedding or personal project. 

Rooted in pre-production, planning and storytelling, Will is distinctive in style and focus. Producing everything from social content, commercial advertising, to engaging brand films, his films are innovative and all have great stories at their heart.

Will takes a collaborative approach with clients to produce films that bring the audience to the essence of a project. He believes  storytelling is the key to a great video.