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Below The Breaking Wave

I've always had a fascination with our world below the breaking waves. To me, it symbolizes the world that we live in today, the calm before every storm, the beauty, and the chaos. The reefs that survive and many that have gone, fish numbers are down in oceans, where others they thrive. We live in a beautiful world but we must search further to find it and work harder to protect it.   

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Ocean Culture Life

Explore our multifaceted world of oceans, above and below the surface. Develop connections between people and the oceans. Share knowledge and experiences, through emotive stories and images, of all that threatens and enhances the oceans. Conserve our oceanic environment by capturing images of its reality. Capture the truths, beauty and simplicity of people and places, connected with the ocean. Educate in order to impact positively on shorelines and on marine life.

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