WIT Fitness

Fitness and Training is now a sport in its own right and the emergence of this sport has resulted in the birth of a brand new sporting ‘category’ amongst global and niche sports brands worldwide. WIT Fitness is one of the only channels for these brands to distribute their product and reach their consumer by combining a state of the art gym facility with a retail unit combined to give it's members the whole experience.

Founded in 2015 as a pop-up shop in Shoreditch, WIT Fitness already has multiple outlets and online operations running in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. WIT Training opened their brand London based footprint, crowd-funded by a community of enthusiastic cross-fitters in January 2018 - gym facility, enhancing their digital platforms and expanding their online operations to North America. 

In the lead up to the opening, A bank of imagery was needed showcasing some of the latest sportswear in this category and using world-class athletes in this field to dominate their position in such a fresh market. Top brands such a Nike, Reebok, Nobull and Stance have all recognised this shift in attention and the demand for content is ever increasing. Here are some of the best shots from the 6 months leading up to their opening, trying to encapsulate this raw approach to fitness using a variety of outdoor locations.

Photographer - Max Burnett

Clients - Wit Fitness, Nike, Reebok, Nobull, Stance

Equipment - Fujifilm, Elinchrom