Deans Blue Hole


The Bahamas

Dean's Blue Hole, on Long Island in the Bahamas, is the world's best freediving location and the deepest blue hole in the world. It is also host to Vertical Blue, a world renowned free-diving school, established by William Trubridge, the world champion freediver, in 2007. He talks of his life journey and the birth of Vertical Blue and considers each aspect of his life, his dive school and the impact both are having on the world. "I want to make a difference, I want to give back.” It is William’s worldview that makes him unique and Vertical Blue such a special dive school. It does not follow a set curriculum but adopts a bespoke approach, developing individual skills and meeting personal diving and spiritual needs, creating a sanctuary in the hurricane of life.



Deans Blue Hole - Vertical Blue

Photographer - Matt Porteous

Film maker - Googsi 


Greg and Paul have grown up in Nassau, Bahamas. Their neck of the ‘woods’ is called Adelaide, The Tongue of the Sea, which is appropriate as the brothers are a voice for the people of the Bahamas. They ventured into the sea, under the waves, scoured the shores to catch crabs and consequently, developed a deep, personal understanding and knowledge of their area and of the ocean.

Their passion lies not only in the sport of spearfishing but in the philosophy of communal living, of maintaining ancient traditions of community and sharing resources. They are committed to alerting people to the dangers of the indoctrinating and brainwashing power of the media, as it relentlessly bombards us into believing that materialism is the measure of success. The Maillis’ believe that real power lies in the strength of community and communal living. They have touched many lives with their caring counselling of less privileged youngsters. Their message of being responsible, of upholding traditional family values and resisting reckless spending of money is having an impact. Taking risks, assessing risk and making clear and considered judgements are life skills that the brothers developed under the ocean’s waves. They are true to themselves, to their families and to their communities - doing things with love and integrity, passion and sincerity, living The Maillis Way.