Faces Of Bali


Whilst on assignment for a health retreat in Bali, I embarked on my first self assigned portrait project with the end result being, The Faces of Bali. It's something that I don't usually do whilst away, I've always been more into street photography and taking a step back to observe from afar. However the people of Bali are some of the friendliest in the world, so what used to seem like a daunting task of asking strangers for their photographs, felt more natural than ever. I got talking to everyone from the fisherman of Uluwatu to the kids selling flowers in the Markets of Ubud.

What I learnt from capturing these expressions was how simple their way of life is, and as a result of that they are all incredibly happy. Looking back on the project I'd like to have spent some more time with each individual, just to build up more of a rapport and gain a deeper understanding of the their character and some more of the ingredients of their content outlook on life.

Photographer - Ollie Jones