Visit Jersey 17


Our Island is full of beauty, no matter what season it is. From scorching summer days to stormy rugged seas, having the privilege to document Jersey's diverse landscapes whilst also captivating viewers with stories of the characters that make our island, has been truly rewarding.

The challenges that come with such an extensive task of capturing a year's worth of content are broad, but also incredibly rewarding. For most of us, we have lived in Jersey for a long time, but still managed to explore new areas and meet some inspiring new people. Our visual tourism content was to be used in What's On brochures, online marketing content as well as social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. With our innate desire to travel, we had to step out from our home and look at the island in a completely different light, from a visitors perspective and also from a wide range of age and demographics.

Our team would use drones to try to showcase the island from a different perspective as well as under water photography and trying to capture the lifestyle of our island. Here is a selection of our favourite images.

Photographers - Studio_M

Client - Visit Jersey & The Observatory Visual Culture

Equipment - Fujifilm, Canon, DJI, Aquatech