Studio_M For Change Exhibition


Studio_M for Change has come to the forefront of studio life recently, as the team has realised what they are most passionate about working for: creating content for organisations and individuals who lack the resources and the voice to share their incredible stories. Positive storytelling is how we learn, inspire change, educate and make a difference in the world.


The Studio_M for Change mission is simple: to further support organisations, charities, and individuals with powerful, captivating content in order to encourage support, recognition and ultimately action. 


The Studio_M For Change initiative began as a personal journey, suggested by Ollie, with the aim to document the ongoing battle against child labour in India. During this time, Matt, Ollie and Will worked alongside a charity, GoodWeave, who work tirelessly to bring transparency to global supply chains from the producer's hands to the consumer’s. 


GoodWeave is a perfect example of an initiative Studio_M For Change feels passionate about and wants to get behind: they are a non-profit organisation who strive to end child labour but lack the resources to create and share content in order to share their story around the world. Many of the children seen in these images are lucky enough to have been saved from a childhood of labour, mistreatment and exploitation. 

Similarly, at the Sambhar Salt Flats, these four families do not have the means to vocalise their story, nor the social connections to share it far and wide.  

To recognise and celebrate this, we decided that the upcoming World Day Against Child Labour would be the perfect way to bring our work in India back to our beautiful island community. We wanted to showcase our images and Will’s film, and thought: we have the perfect people and a great space, so why not host an exhibition right here, at our little creative hub of The Studio_M?

We invited all of our contacts: family, friends, corporate clients and connections, to join us for an evening in explaining what we have been working on for the past few months.


We also invited St Michaels Preparatory School’s year 5 art class to join us for a workshop before we opened the exhibition to the public in the evening. We wanted to communicate the endless possibilities of a creative career, and get them involved in understanding the importance of positive storytelling. 

The exhibition itself was a huge success: the studio was buzzing with energy, warmed by bodies and fuelled by drinks. We couldn’t have hoped for a better response and interest from our amazing network, and decided to open up the exhibition again over the next few days at lunchtime, for those who couldn’t make the evening or wanted to have a quieter, closer look at the images. 


All proceeds from sales of prints will be re-invested back into Studio_M For Change, a non-profit initiative that creates content and a voice to share the positive stories of organisations and individuals who lack the resources and platforms to do this themselves. 

Thank you so much to everyone who stepped through our door to celebrate this initiative that is now so close to our hearts. It was inspiring to see our amazing community come together in the studio which, until now, has been our personal work space, and share our message.