For Change


Stories are how we learn, how we inspire change, educate and make a difference in the world. 

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The Studio_M For Change initiative began as a personal journey, with the aim to document the ongoing battle against child labour in India. During this time, we worked alongside a charity, GoodWeave, who work tirelessly to bring transparency to global supply chains from the producer's hands to the consumer's. 

GoodWeave is a perfect example of an initiative Studio_M For Change feels passionate about and wants to get behind: they are a non-profit organisation who strive to end child labour but lack the resources to create and share content in order to share their story around the world. Many of the children seen in this exhibition are lucky enough to have been saved from a childhood of labour, mistreatment and exploitation. Similarly, at the Sambhar Salt Flats, these four families do not have the means to vocalise their story, nor the social connections to share it far and wide.  

Our mission is simple: to further support organisatons, charities, and individuals with powerful, captivating content in order to encourage support, recognition and ultimately action. 

The Studio_M believes positive storytelling and sharing the incredible work charities like GoodWeave do is incredibly important - in order to inspire others, you must first tell an inspiring story. 

There are endless ways to get involved with The Studio_M for Change journey; from buying a postcard or print, to sponsoring an entire project.

From documenting the sustainable ways of life practised by the Kumzār people of Oman, to raising awareness about child labour in global supply chains, our team of creatives are constantly searching for inspiring stories to tell.